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Be the one who ages well and inspire others .

Choose wellness.

AgeWell Lifestyle Wellness Program

Sickness is a result. Wellness is a choice.

It is scientifically proven that diabetes and other lifestyle diseases are reversible through diet and lifestyle. 

We help you achieve long-lasting health.

You will know

how to stay on course, even while traveling and through the holidays

This is easier than you may think.

MaYa Thornton

Certified Health Coach

Author & Speaker

My mission is to help those who want to shift from sickness to wellness by eating and lifestyle.

20+ years as a health educator helping audiences to rethink their eating habits and make better choices.

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  AgeWell Lifestyle


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Sandy Rodgers Ministries

"People pay tens of thousands for programs like this and do not get as much as MaYa is teaching."

Justin Palmer

"This program is for the person who needs more convincing evidence that a plant based diet is the right path to take for their overall health goals. . . has testimonies regarding how the change of diet reversed their diseases. Thank you MaYa for such a wonderful program."

Amir Price

"Thank you for being God-driven to create this amazing group coaching that I find so evolutionary and life changing . . . You gave my friends answers on how to fix health issues they were both having."

Is this your time?

The best time to strengthen your health was yesterday.

The 2nd best time is now.

AgeWell Lifestyle Wellness Program

has packages for

Corporations, Organizations, and Churches.

Send inquires for group packages to: [email protected] 

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